Never Look Back

Never Look Back


Shortly after Sydney Lovell graduates from high school, Craig Cochran, a handsome returned missionary, sweeps her off her feet and they are soon married in the temple. Almost immediately, Sydney gets pregnant and Craig begins school to become a doctor. Life is going exactly as planned, unfolding in utter bliss.

The years fly by in a blur as Sydney raises their three children while Craig completes medical School, his internship, and residency. Then the bottom falls out when Craig asks Sydney for a divorce.

While working as a waitress and struggling to make ends meet, Sydney meets Cole Brackner, a friendly, attractive, single man, and over time a friendship develops. But Cole's life is complicated as well. He is under pressure to sell his cattle ranch to a developer, and when he resists, his tires are slashed, cattle are poisoned, and horrible rumors start to circulate. And even as Sydney helps Cole unravel these mysteries, the two find themselves in the middle of a dangerous battle against powerful forces dead set on making sure that the truth never sees the light of day.

Betsy Green, the best-selling author of Hearts in Hiding, weaves a tale of intrigue, romance, and southern charm

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Title:Never Look Back
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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  • Christina

    Okay, this book isn't really that bad. The story is interesting and the characters are believable. It is completely clean and quick to get through. I felt that the 'relationship' premise was good (bit...

  • Allison

    I have only read "Hearts in Hiding" from this author and I REALLY enjoyed it so I was excited to read something else from her. This one was a HUGE disappointment! Now don't get me wrong, I have read a...

  • Holly

    I can't really recommend this book, so if you liked it, you may want to skip the rest of this.Almost didn't finish it--but just as I was about to give up and start the new book I just got, it got inte...

  • Tina

    I did not like the writing. It seemed to ramble and had no flow. Sometimes it felt like I was reading a list of the things the character was doing that day. However, it was a good cheesy mindless read...

  • Kimber

    I read a lot of her books over Christmas. (didn't bring any of them home, but thought they were good beach reading material.)This book, however, sucked. It was horrible. The heroine was a bitter evil ...

  • Aili

    While technically and stylistically fine, this book gets one star for the premise. I don't have a problem with romance books in general. They are usually the cotton candy of books, and cotton candy is...

  • Camilla

    This is another guilty pleasure book by my favorite (only?) romance author. I particularly like the protagonist in this story because she's sarcastic and has a ton of problems that are all annoying bu...

  • Kate

    From the beginning, I realized that this was not fine literature but I can get past mediocre writing if the plot is worth it. The plot intrigued me until I realized that I knew the ending of the book ...

  • Krista

    This month for Book club we were to read a mystery. So I decided to choose this one. I wanted to make sure it was not gory, scary, or inappropriate.I have read books by Betsy Brannon Green in the past...

  • Kari Garrett

    I was a little bit disappointed with this book. The main character, Sydney, is very bitter about her divorce. Not until the last few pages of the book, was I finally able to like her. There was a litt...