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TeamVision Training Services offers introductory, advanced, and customized training and workshops for the Framework CT product family, Framework CT data modeling, and Framework CT administration. Courses are offered on-site or at a TeamVision training facility. Training is provided by TeamVision professionals who have extensive industry and teaching expertise and who regularly use the products and methods they teach. Participants quickly learn how to achieve the most with their Framework CT implementations.

Customized training in combination with TeamVision Enterprise Services and TeamVision Consulting Services is available. TeamVision consultants and training professionals work with customer experts to develop an initial decision analysis model structure. TeamVision training professionals then guide customers in developing their initial model while teaching them how to use Framework CT Enterprise and how to apply data modeling techniques. The result is trained participants with a customized system that they built themselves and can immediately put into service. The customized training approach reduces overall start-up time and gives users a head start on their initial projects. This motivational approach provides a great launching pad for successful Framework CT Enterprise implementations.

TeamVision also offers Framework CT modeler and Framework CT administrator training and certification. A TeamVision Certified Framework CT Modeler has certified expertise in developing and maintaining effective data models and decision analysis systems. To become a TeamVision Certified Framework CT Modeler (TCFM), one must complete the TCFM set of courses and pass each of the TCFM tests. A TeamVision Certified Framework CT Administrator has certified expertise in implementing and administering Framework CT Enterprise decision analysis systems, distributed calculation networks, and adaptive databases. To become a TeamVision Certified Framework CT Administrator (TCFA), one must complete the TCFA set of courses and pass each of the TCFA tests.

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