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Professional Services

TeamVision Inc. provides services to implement its unique Decision Analytics methodology. We understand that “digital dash-boards” are not enough. They provide a good look at the OLAP and business in the recent past. But to make better decisions for the future, one also needs to analyze and integrate knowledge that is not a part of OLAP. To put it in simple terms, at the end of the day, Managers and Decision Makers take all they know and put it in a spreadsheet for further analysis!

TeamVision’s extensive experience in Cost and Business Analytics in business verticals such as Aerospace, Manufacturing, or Energy industry comes very handy to our customers. We have helped them solve important problems in complex organizational settings. And in the process, we have saved both time and money. Our extensive software product line, training approach and consulting skills have all been designed to work synergistically together in solving problems. We use advanced and innovative methodologies such as: Object-oriented Systems Analysis, Target Costing, Theory of Constraints, Design of Experiments, Response Surface, Real Options, and Statistical Simulations to model various problems.

Our experience at finding the right sequence and balance of software, training and consulting have solved seemingly intractable problems. We provide Consulting Services to understand, model and analyze your Systems and / or Business Cases using our Software suite. If your organization is interested in implementing our Framework CT software at your end, we provide the solution assessment and implementation support. We also offer Analytics Training to your personnel to enhance their skills including hands-on experience with our software and state-of-the-art Systems Analysis Theory and Practice.

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Professional Services


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