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TeamVision Consulting Services are designed to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. We have well experienced and educated staff members who are specialized in:

  • Conventional Engineering Economics (ROI, Cost-benefit Analysis)
  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis
  • Advanced / New Technology Evaluation
  • System and Product Analytics (New product introduction, Product optimization)
  • Cost Reduction, Problem Solving (Existing Systems)
  • Demographics and Market Analysis

TeamVision Consulting Services focuses on enhancing the value of Framework CT implementations through multi-departmental collaborative decision analysis. It is our experience that higher-level integrated decision process including multiple dimensions of the problem delivers long-term cost effective decision than conventional independent linear decision process.

TeamVision Consulting Services establishes an on-site relationship with its client in planning effective decision analysis systems and identifies ways in which TeamVision technology can provide a competitive advantage to our customers. Senior-level enterprise consultants with industry experience coordinate and deliver a customized suite of reusable and industry-specific decision analysis templates and techniques, helping to quickly institute an effective decision analysis system that gives organizations a better insight into their business decisions.

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