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The Space Show

The Space Show
February 17, 2008
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Framework CT
Framework CT® is new class of Business Intelligence software that enables individuals and teams to find solutions to important problems by interconnecting their desktop applications into one cohesive decision analysis network.

The Framework CT® software suite is a model integration framework for everyday desktop application models like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Access. The Advanced capabilities of Framework CT® enable users to generate “millions” of what-if scenarios using Distributed Parallel Computing run on idle networked computers. The result of this comprehensive analysis can then be quickly understood in dynamic 2-D, 3-D graphs and carpet plots.

TeamVision Technology Benefits

  • Improve Model Capabilities – build complex multi-level models using the same desktop applications your team uses everyday.
  • Integrate across Organization and Functional Lines – integrate diverse subject matter expertise into one decision analysis process.
  • Inter-Connect Knowledge – get the complete picture from all perspectives across the full range of variables before making decisions.
  • Increase Analysis Scope & Speed – perform comprehensive what if analysis on all your problems to find the most robust solutions.
  • Improve Computer Utilization – leverage the power of idle computers to run large or complex problems in record time.
  • Visualize Solutions – visualize and comprehend the entire decision space before committing to important projects.
  • Increase Worker Productivity – eliminate overlaps and gaps in model development while improving integration.
  • Reuse & Reapply Knowledge Assets – centralized repository for storing and accessing heterogeneous data and models.
  • Reduce Waste – Eliminates redundant and conflicting analytical efforts while delivering timely and complete analysis to decision makers.
  • Understand the Complete Decision Space – Enables holistic evaluation of deign, production, cost, price and market interactions.


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